Ludwig Cancer Research came to Infinia Group for a new brand identity and website. As Design Director, I led the project and team through the process of ideation and development of the firm's first responsive website. Without a UX team, and mostly print designers, I was heavily involved in the work and started from the ground up from wireframes to device optimization. The identity was born when I was sketching the "L" letterform over and over in explorations of the wordmark. The "L" became the anchor for the flexible visual system we created across digital and print. Throughout the process, we were able to work with their internal team to commission a new photo library of scientists and research labs all around the world. I worked with nearly every detail for the entire system.

Design director / Liz Oh
Principal / Stephanie Kim-Simons
Team / Michael Trovela, Clinton Clarke, Jina An, Ilgin Sezer, Brian Santoro, Alicia Fowler, Andy Kells, Nick Shearer
Photographer / Flynn Larsen
Infinia Group

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